We Are Guestkey

Security without limitation.

Solutions without compromise.


Centralise hotel data and manage everything from the Cloud.

Guestkey’s custom portals bring together the management of security, guest services and hotel services in one convenient place.

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Electronic Connectivity

Absolute convenience for guests. Absolute connectivity for management.

Custom apps and bespoke keys-for-life that provide added benefits for management, staff and guests – all while gathering valuable data in real-time.

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Bespoke Products

Bespoke design.
Made in the UK.

Beautifully imagined keys, smart cards and access panels that embody your brand and emphasise the immersion of your unique, guest experience.

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How We Work

Security without limitation.

Creating a high quality, seamless experience for your guests.

Project Management

A one-stop shop, first-class personal service, uniquely tailored to you.

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On-Site Installation

Onsite technical expertise ensure the project is delivered without a hitch.

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Servicing & Aftercare

Protecting your investment, through continuity of our care and support.

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