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Introducing GUESTKEY TouchFree

21st October | 2020

GuestKey’s TouchFree solution is a natural evolution from the other technologies already being provided to clients. GuestKey offers Mobile App solutions that can enable digital guests to check-in, communicate, check-out and pay for their stay – all sitting on a comprehensive cloud-based management software.

Personalised, smart guest experiences such as GuestKey’s TouchFree not only helps guests have the best experience possible, hotels are able to operate more easily, more efficiently, and therefore more economically.

GuestKey’s proposition is never standing still. Working to improve the performance of solutions with hoteliers, collaborating with key designers to integrate products into the hotel aesthetic, and creating new partnerships with complimentary technology brands.

To find out more about the contributions GuestKey is making in transforming modern hotels into smart hotels, please email and start your journey to offering a high quality and seamless experience throughout your establishment.

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