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Guestkey is the world leader in bespoke hotel access control design. Our bespoke capabilities include systems, apps, electronics, keys, NFC as well as in-room and out-of-room ironmongery. When we bespoke product, we can also integrate our solution with others, including faceplates and locks.

We recognise the importance of bespoke product and understand the importance of standing out from the crowd. We achieve this through discrete yet confident product that reinforces our clients brand values and identity.


Discover the benefits of a bespoke product


All our designs are unique and based on the client’s ambitions and interior aesthetic.


We have significant experience in partnering with major names in interior design.


All our electronic design and quality control is in-house to guarantee performance.


We bespoke our solutions to be fully integrated with any bespoke design.

We have built our reputation for bespoke product and we have brought to market three room access products

Guestkey SmartCard

Our SmartCard and SmartFob solution is powered by the latest NFC technology and our cards are fully customisable.

We offer cards & fobs to provide frictionless access using NFC technology. For guests or staff, they simply place their card near the reader to gain access.

As with all Guestkey product, they can be personalised to the hotel’s specification or brand aesthetic;

The Guestkey

Marrying the traditional charm of a door key with 21st century electronic design, this product was the starting point for Guestkey and is unique across the world.

The key is polycarbonate, coded using laser technology, optically verified by the lock. The key transmits light to confirm access and the locks are networked to a central control.

When paired with KeyforLife: Keys are designed to align to the hotel brand or aesthetic.


We design and manufacture faceplates to each clients needs and partner with designers to provide solutions bespoke to an interior aesthetic. Size, material, finish all customisable. We offer;

  • In room ‘do not disturb / make up room / service call
  • Out of room reader fascia’s and staff facing readers
  • Integration with other companies’ faceplates or conversion into reader plates (e.g. Wandsworth, Hamilton)

All designs are made bespoke to the hotel;

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