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Guestkey CloudServices offers hoteliers, accredited third parties real-time access to Guestkey technologies.

The system is both proactive and reactive and comes with two-factor authentication, a user-friendly interface and real-time data. Guestkey CloudServices is the foundational infrastructure for all our solutions.

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We’ve created a unifying platform for all Guestkey services and systems – a one stop shop.


We use two-factor authentication and the latest encryption standards for client protection.


We’ve enabled high speed access and ‘always on’ with automated data backup-ups.


There is no limit to our storage capacity affording clients to easily scale.


We’ve created a shared space for tech companies to safely and rapidly support future GuestKey development.

We have created Guestkey CloudServices as the basis of all Guestkey solutions – we offer three foundational services;

Security Portal

The SecurityPortal is mission control for hoteliers! It provides real-time system performance data and is accessed via either Web or Windows enabled platforms.

  • Web: Complete flexibility, any device, anywhere. The system can support a hotel’s ambition for roaming staff for access to data anywhere they are.
  • Windows: Typically at fixed points such as reception.

Four Typical Views

A list of all the rooms alphabetically. Doors opened with time, date and name on the key or card, guest or staff.

A list of client defined areas of the property. View rooms individually or by section. Edit sections or add staff access.

Add or cancel keys. View list of staff and expiry dates, by-room historic access and staff that have accessed the Cloud.

Monitor all readers performance, usage, battery levels. View readers sending out alerts via the predictive maintenance system.

Service Portal

Our ServicePortal is the complete service history of the installation. The portal holds for Guestkey, the client and trusted 3rd parties;

  • A full installation summary & equipment log
  • Servicing and visit history.
  • Photographs, plans
  • Call out-sheets

It’s fully integrated with the Guestkey hotel installation therefore staff, contractors and Guestkey all have access.

Four Typical Views

One repository for all information pertaining to the hotel from installation to present day.

All parties can access the data, anywhere, anytime which ensures clarity and consistency.

Any authorised individual can log on anytime and see how the system is performing.

Any performance issues can be predicted ahead of time and call-out sheets generated.

Connectivity Hub

Our ConnectivityHub brings technical specialists together for the benefit of advancing the products and services offered by Guestkey.

We have created a safe working space for API developers for connectivity and App Developers for mobile who support our push to continue to be the world leader in our field.

This safe space allows the testing of integrated technology in a live but safe environment.

Four Typical Views

The place to authentic and test APIs and Apps in real time aligned to Guestkey systems.

An easy way to grow with us and allows us to increase our portfolio of partners more rapidly.

We can more swiftly move into live development, ideation and testing for the benefit of our clients.

The reliability of any future installation is improved as the combination of technologies can be fully tested before on-site delivery.

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