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Innovation in electronics is the cornerstone of Guestkey’s development model, brought to life with the launch of four cutting edge solutions; KeyforLife, TouchFree, AppDesign and Aspect.


Discover the benefits of greater electronic connectivity


World leading electronic design and the only system with a choice of entry solutions.


We have designed electronics to disappear into the fabric of the hotel, doors, walls or ceilings; adjacent to our bespoke faceplates.


All our electronics are fully integrated into the hotel and via our CloudServices, available anywhere, anytime, any device.

Future Proof

We deliver solutions that can be upgraded in future to give our clients flexibility and peace of mind.

Six core Electronic Technologies compatible with Guestkey Cloud Systems and Partnered Interfaces


We have condensed all our knowhow into just one solution – where once there were several, now just one!

  • Powered by ethernet with super long battery life
  • Fully integrated into Guestkey CloudServices
  • Over the air upgrades
  • Works with Guestkey, NFC, Bluetooth and TouchFree.
  • Supports our customised fascias
  • Discretely installed in walls, doors or ceilings.
  • Connects to our CO2 Sensing upgrade
  • Weather resistant

ASPECT integrates all our services and interfaces into a single hardware platform providing simplified installation. Our launch date is January 2021.

App Design

To build on our bespoke design pedigree, Guestkey now develops and designs mobile apps for use by the guests and hotel staff.

We design the user interface (mobile application) to meet the needs of the client, add hotel branding where required and ensure the customer experience through the app is appropriate to the hotel clientele.

The Guestkey App work across phones and tablets, IOS and Android platforms.


Our complete mobile solution, powered by the guest’s own digital key, their mobile phone. Our product integrates seamlessly into the hotel infrastructure with check-in, open doors, check-out, pay capability.

As no key changes hands, the guest decreases their physical touchpoints around the hotel.

We offer Direct, Partnered and customised solutions. All solutions work across phones and tablets, IOS and Android platforms. The Guestkey solution can be also branded to the hotel’s own brand.

More mobile announcements will be made later in 2020.

Key For Life

We have launched KeyForLife for a number of reasons; in support of hotels, guests, hygiene and the environment.

  • Guests are seeking a hassle-free experience
  • Hotels are seeking to differentiate their proposition
  • People across the world are avoiding touch wherever possible due to COVID-19.
  • Hotels and guests are more environmentally conscious than ever before

This product from GuestKey supports all these aspirations. Guests simply retain their Guestkey whilst off property and when they returns, the key is reactivated by the hotel.

CO2 Sensor Upgrades

Upgrading to include CO2 sensors affords hoteliers the opportunity to understand room occupancy and improve comfort of their guests if airflow is increased.

Studies show carbon dioxide gives the most reliable read on occupancy and in modern building design.

Our solution is plugged into existing installations with relatively little impact to hotel operations.

Mobile Access

Any of our existing Guestkey installations can be upgraded to include Bluetooth. This product offers guests added reassurance as they must be in close proximity to the door before it will open.

This optional extra can be retrofitted to any installation and forms part of our commitment to ensure all Guestkey advancements in technology can be retrofitted.

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