On-site Installation

Plan your Installation

We offer onsite technical installation expertise and services to ensure the project is delivered without a hitch.

Our teams install all hardware, configure and perform full testing. Once the client is happy with our commissioning, handover is completed, and staff training undertaken.


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Retained Ownership

We install with direct oversight of trusted 3rd parties to assure quality.

Safety First

Pre-project, we undertake a full Risk Assessment and post project a full User Acceptance Test to guarantee client happiness.


We work across all teams before, during and after completion to create one client centric team.


We provide one Implementation Manager throughout as a single point of contact to offer client’s a single line of communication.

Our approach to Installation

Whilst every installation process if different, this framework defines the standard.

1. Set Up Team

Establish critical relationships with onsite teams including IT and security. Integrate with third party construction and electrical contractors.

2. Ensure Safety

Complete Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) for works to be completed.

3. Plan Your Installation

Complete first fix, back boxes and cable runs. Complete installation & perform full functionality tests.

4. Commissioning

Complete check sheet with client. Complete User Acceptance Test. Sign off project deliver with the client.

5. Training

Train on-site staff on Guestkey Operations and Maintenance and ensure hotel familiarity with the Operations & Maintenance Manual.

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