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Design your Aftercare

We offer a range of market leading aftercare packages that can be built to reflect the need of the client.

We provide standard maintenance contracts, 24/7 monitoring inreal-time and ongoing staff training. Even after installation, we believe the very best hotels need the very best ongoing support.

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Discover the benefits of our first class aftercare

Piece Of Mind

We ensure continuity between the old and new system. A regular maintenance plan means we can catch issues ahead of time.


We advise taking out an upfront plan to save money particularly in emergency situations.

Regular Maintenance

We offer various options to ensure issues are avoided. Virtual and onsite visits keep your system in the best condition.

Insight & Expertise

Our expertise means continuity of support and our knowledge means we know how best to take care of your system.

We offer a comprehensive range of aftercare support packages and services.

As we recognise each client will have their own needs, these can be tailor made, based on the need of the client.

24/7 Monitoring in real time

Through Guestkey CloudServices, we support clients 24/7. Purchasing these packages ahead of time will save money.

Equipment Repairs & Special Contract Pricing

We offer equipment repair or replacement packages as well as purchasing equipment at contract prices via Guestkey.

Regular virtual and on-site checks

We offer several services throughout the year which include a physical inspection in addition to our virtual checks.

Key & Card Replacements

Cards and keys can either be purchased on an as-and-when basis or to save money, purchase in volume upfront.

Ongoing Training

We offer ongoing training to meet the needs of the client. This can be purchased in advance as-and-when required.

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